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          Support hotline:021-68705008 |Chinese|English

          About us

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          Shanghai Zhi Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in drive servo drive product development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. Enterprises from its inception, has always insisted service automation industries to meet customer needs and the principle of technological innovation, adhering to the "sincere innovation, focus-driven" business philosophy, and constantly committed to developing and development of power system automation.
          Enterprise currently has high-quality R & D team and excellent production staff, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system procedures and standards to establish a sound modern enterprise management system, we developed a series of motion system automation products. Company advocating market-oriented, technology and development, to serve as guarantee for the purpose of an in-depth understanding of customer needs, based on innovative products to meet the rapid development of the power industry. Meanwhile, in the production process, the concept of enterprise and abide by the quality of life, in order to improve the quality management system of strict product quality. The company's existing products by the state authorities, the technical indicators are up to standard requirements. Enterprise has always been implementing to create the most value for the customer service approach, strict and scientific management, rigorous and realistic style of work, advanced and practical technology to serve customers.
          We pre-sale, sale and three solemn commitment to users: the fastest and most attentive service to meet customer demand.
          Company Name: Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. Zhi drive
          Phone: 086-21-68705008
          Fax / FAX: 086-21-68705009
          Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai Chuansha Road 1069, Building 1, second floor

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